Roman Colombo is a writer and teacher living in Philadelphia. He completed an MFA in Fiction Writing at Rosemont College in 2010, where he also won the O’Donnell Foundation Award; and a BA in English-Creative Writing (with Honors) at the University of South Florida in 2008. He currently teaches English and Graphic Novel Literature at Drexel University and Bucks County Community College. His fiction has been published by thread (a USF publication) and monkeybicycle, and has upcoming publications with The Rusty Nail and The Lit Garden. He is also a contributing writer to The Weekly Comic Book Review and has presented scholarly work at the inaugural Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo for the Comics Study Conference.

Roman enjoys all kinds of literary forms, from novels, to comics, to film. He has a deep love for Noir literature, and all of his upcoming publications are in this style. But he wants to work with many different forms and genres, and hopes to capture the excitement each form has to offer–so on this website are samples to various writings. The one kind of writing he does not enjoy is writing bios in the third person. It’s weird. Seriously, what is this? It’s like trying to fill out a profile on a dating site and hoping that you don’t sound like a jackass, but really, when all your doing is writing about the various awesome things you’re doing or have done, it’s hard not to feel like a jackass, right? But he hopes you enjoy the writing and if you want to praise him or yell at him, feel free to contact him