My Favorite Stereotype

It’s Easter Sunday, but we had our Easter dinner yesterday. Being Atheist, I can cheat like that, and for my Christian friends who joined me yesterday, they get to have TWO Easters, so, it’s a big win for them. But, yeah, I’m atheist, so why did I want to do something for Easter? Well, Atheist Easter essentially meant going to Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (holy messianic figures, Batman!), and bringing friends home for Spaghetti and Meatballs and Italian Easter Bread. And that’s why—just cooking that food. Yep, the most stereotypical Italian-American dinner for a very Christian holiday, with a bread that is three loaves woven together to represent the Holy Trinity and colored eggs to represent fertility rebirth.

My sister and I made a dinner of olives, cheese, hummus, breadsticks, eggplant cutlets, salad, and the 2 pounds of spaghetti and 4 ½ pounds of meatballs, and Italian Easter Bread for dessert. It was a lot of food. For 6 people. Yeah, that’s a lot of food, but that’s the Italian-American way. If your guests can move at the end of the meal, you failed them as a host. And I love that. I love cooking in general. It’s like meditation, and very therapeutic, But I also love cooking for people. I host movie nights a few times a year. Since I’ve been living with my sister, we’ve thrown some epic movie parties. I’m single right now, but in relationships…I think my cooking is often what wins the girl over. I remember my grandmother (Granny) cooking epic dinners. Epic and when I am cooking a feast, it feels great.

I don’t believe in a god. I don’t believe that Christ rose from the dead. I do love the stories in the bible, and the mythology of the Abrahamic religions in general. And I love the pagan traditions that the Christian religion adopted. Many of my friends are religious, many aren’t. But I’ve had a Christmas and Easter celebration this year (the Christmas one, we had an Elf brunch and it was spectacular). More than anything else, it’s just great to cook for people, even if it means living up to an Italian-American stereotype, it’s kind of the best one a culture can have.

So, if you are celebrating Easter from the Christian tradition, Happy Easter! Christ is Risen.

If you celebrate the pagan goddess Easter, may Ishtar bless you with fertility!

If you don’t celebrate either, have an awesome day, and find an Italian Market to get some Easter Bread before it all runs out (actually, do this regardless of your religion)

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