Nobody Reads Blogs (or: If You Are a Writer, You Need to Have a Blog)

Conflicting statements, right? One comes from the small press who published my novel Trading Saints for Sinners. The other is from a panel on social media and writers. The problem is, and I am guessing a lot of writers are trying to figure this out, how do you have an online writing presence (not twitter or facebook status updates) if getting people to read your blog is difficult? Is it a hope for the best situation? Do you just keep writing, sharing, and hope you don’t cross that line of SPAM-ing your social media feeds going “PLEASE READ THIS! PLEEEEEAAAAASSSSSEEEE! Ohandmaybebuymybook. READ MY BLOG!” Is Blog even the right word anymore? I read Peter David’s blog on occasion, but I’m not even the best follower of blogs from authors I idolize and I’m going to ask people to read mine because…why? What do I have to offer?

Seriously, what do I have to offer? I am an adjunct professor, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change. I have a novella published by a small press that might have sold 100 kindle copies at this point, and I barely have time to write as much as I want to. Maybe if I narrowed down to one project, and dove into it, I could finish it, but my passion for different projects keep shifting week to week. This is even after talking to my Saints publisher about an idea that they found interesting, but I kind of want to work on my next screenplay right now. Yeah. I need to prioritize. And you know what’s not on my mind? A blog. Writing a few posts a week sounds exhausting and I am really not sure what I would post about that often. Talk about Movies? Talk about Comics? Sure, I love those, but I did the reviewing thing and it’s sometimes tedious to write long reviews when I’d rather just sum them up in a paragraph or two (there’re not many reasons for reviews to be longer than 300 words unless it is a very special case).  So if not reviewing, what do I write about? Teaching? How do I do that without sounding too bitter about the state of Academia, or even risk my job talking about these issues? What about issues that matter to me but might turn off a potential employer or publisher (like the odd idea of equal rights. I know). What is there to write about that is.

So…yeah. Blogging. What am I supposed to do with it? I guess what I’m saying is, if I do manage to keep this up for any reasonable amount of time, the posts are probably going to be really random. But maybe I’ll actually be writing. Andmaybesomeofyouwillbuymybook.

3 thoughts on “Nobody Reads Blogs (or: If You Are a Writer, You Need to Have a Blog)

  1. Tons of people read blogs! I read lots of blogs! I’ve also bought books from authors whose blogs I’ve read, though admittedly usually their blog is about something other than writing. But some writers do more of an event-driven blog – I’m going here, I’m doing this. I like Mike Martinez’s blog a lot ( and he does some posts on writing, some on actual book news, and others on more random stuff.

    Admittedly I’d love to see you do brief reviews – just little short ones. You know a ton about movies and comics, so an overview of what’s decent and not would make a good read.

    • Thank you, Feliza. I was thinking of instead of just straight reviews, doing something like “Why I love the X-Men” or a specific run instead of Every. Single. Volume. Same with movies. “Why I love ___” and a director or series or something. Thanks for the encouragement!

      • That sounds much more interesting than straight-up reviews. xD I like writing reviews, but I read very few (only ones for books I’m considering anyway), but I’m such a sucker for the “reasons I like this thing and also why you should also like this thing” posts.

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