Drinking with Strangers

What is better then reading one really good story?

How about reading 10?

That’s what we’re giving you in Strangers (Of Different Ink)



My contribution to this collection is a short story called “Capeless City,” about Philadelphia in the superhero age…and their resistance to the idea of Philly having a hero. But they can’t ignore that the rate of powers in the city is growing exponentially, and that’s where Detective Dashiell Cain comes in–a private investigator who unofficially handles all of the city’s superpower occurrences.

You can already buy the book on Amazon (see link above). But on October 25th, the Strangers will gather (as many of us as we can) at 1518 Bar and Grille in Philadelphia to talk and sign. Buy it on Amazon now and bring it, or pick up your copy there, and enjoy a beer with us. We’ll be there from 7-10. It’ll be a good time.

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