Top Ten Literary Magazines To Send Your Best Flash Fiction (and maybe get accepted pt.2)


Seasoned writers follow a tiered system when submitting to lit mags. They read the markets and target them wisely. Then they organize their submissions accordingly, in tiers.

Here’s the rule: Only after hearing back from the journals at the top of your list should you move on to those on lower tiers. Otherwise, you might miss out on a great opportunity–not to mention all that salubrious rejection, which is Vitamin X for budding and intermediate writers keen on honing oomph, endurance, and that precious “thick skin” everyone talks about.

Submitting isn’t just about rejections, though. There’s a lot to learn about your own writing in the process and so much other great writing to read and to learn from in the magazines you target. There’s nothing quite like finding the long lost twin or soulmate of some flash you’ve written. Look for broad family resemblances and see if you can’t…

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