I’m probably going to post a LOT about comics. It’s one of my main addictions. And it is an addiction caused partly because of the writer Peter David. I know exactly how long I’ve been reading comics because I can date them back to the Civil War X-Factor tie-in. Second admission–I love Noir. So a mutant detective agency? FUCKING HELL YEAH! And I’ve been reading every since. A lot of titles came and went in my subscriptions, but X-Factor is the only one left from those days. Oh, and I have almost the entire X-Factor run from when he wrote the title WAAAAAYYYYY back when. I tracked that shit down.

When you find a writer you love, it’s like they become part of your family. And when they are still living, you wait patiently for their work to come out. Peter David delivers several times a month. There’s also the fact that he’s one of the nicest writer’s I’ve ever met. He actually talks to fans. He thought my name was pretty awesome (and yeah, it is) and we talked about comics and Noir, and the perfect blend that is X-Factor. I know what it’s like meeting a writer you admire and discovering they’re a dick. That is not Peter David. He meets his fans and it’s like everyone’s always been friends. He’s just that awesome of a guy. I buy an issue of X-Factor and it’s like I just got a friend’s new work to read. Also, in every issue’s recap page, he gives updates about his youngest daughter. Seriously, you can’t read about Caroline (who is now a karate master and can kick my ass) and the family every month, for several years and not feel like they are becoming part of your own. Or sometimes wonder if one of his older daughters are your age and single because having Peter David as a father-in-law would be LEGEN–WAIT FOR IT–DARY.

But now he needs a little bit of help. Yes, sadly it’s not just a post to talk about one of my greatest influences on my writing. He’s that too. But after having a stroke over Christmas, his family could use his support. It doesn’t take much to help either. In fact, you can do it for a buck and get a book out of it! So I encourage everyone to take a look at one of his books, you can find them at ComicMix. Also order Time and a Half and Overtime–which make up not just one of my favorite X-Factor stories, but just stories in general.

And be warned. As you read those comics, books, and recap pages, you’ll be cheering for his speedy recovery too. Not just to read more of his work, but because you just want to see him and his family get through this difficult time as quickly as possible.

My family and I wish you well, Peter.

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